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Feed Your Hard On

That’s right folks! There is no escape from a bad diet, and now you or your partner have more reasons than ever to get on the healthy diet train! The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported a shocking study claiming if you have erectile dysfunction, ED, you are 70% more likely to die prematurely than men … Read more


Control your Happy

Do struggle to be happy? Have you tried being happy by yourself? Often times we rely on others to make us happy, but we can be happy all by ourselves! I am not talking about forced happiness. I am talking about intimate satisfaction with yourself. Think about something that you do for yourself that makes … Read more


The Healing Power of Dopamine

Let’s talk about Dopamine. That wonderful little hormone that is released when we accomplish pleasurable goals such as eating chocolate, sex, or even drugs. Dopamine is why people get addicted to drugs and habits that make them feel good even if it only last a minute. But dopamine is not just about addiction. Dopamine is, … Read more