Frequently Asked Questions

I am pretty sure you have questions. If they are not answered below contact me directly.

What is Sexuality and Intimacy Coaching?

Sexuality and intimacy expand beyond the bedroom and can influence our everyday lives. Coaching is the process of helping you figure out your intimacy deficiencies and desires with expert guidance and specific exercises.

Coaching is not therapy. If you have depression or a suspected mental illness please see a therapist concurrent to coaching. 

Who is Sexuality and Intimacy Coaching for?

Everyone! Men and Women. Old and Young. Gay or Straight and everyone in between.

While I specialize in coaching people with chronic pain, illness, and disability, I am versed in all areas of sexuality and intimacy.  

What is covered in a sexuality and intimacy coaching session?

While each session is specific to your needs, these are some areas of conversation:




Sexual Positions 



Sexual Preference 

Neuroplasticity (Training the brain)

Self Love

Toys and Tools


Can I get coached by myself or do I need a partner?

You can absolutely get coached by yourself! How can we receive pleasure if we do not know how to do it ourselves?