Sexual Empowerment

Programs and classes with a unique system of how to find, harness, and use your sexuality. 

Sexual Empowerment for Pain and Trauma

5 sessions to take back your sexuality! 

Gloria with Book

Do you avoid sex? Pain, stress, or other life events can get in the way of our pleasure! I have a unique 5 session Sexual Empowerment Program that can help you find your libido, harness your intimacy, and not have that sinking feeling every time you get into a sexual situation.

The program covers: 

  • Anatomy
  • The Sexual Response Cycle
  • Hormones
  • Arousal
  • Mindful Self Love


Sexual Empowerment Classes

Only located in Durango, CO....for now. 

Have you taken a sexual education course since high school? My sex ed class was a woman who showed us how to put a condom on a banana and told us not to have sex. There is so much more to intimacy and pleasure!

Expand your sexual knowledge, be confident, explore new topics, and learn how harnessing your sexuality can be empowering!

Course Includes:

Discovery- Including Anatomy, Physiology, and Neurology in depth like you never got in high school.  
Fantasy- All you ever wanted to know about porn, but were too afraid to ask. 
Connection- From communicating needs to receiving love, everyone could use a reminder on how, when, and where to connect. 
Liberation- Self love is a huge part of liberation. Finding your pleasure can include toys. 
Enlightenment -Incorporating Taoism into your intimate practices. Its like yoga moves that heal your body through pleasure. 


Ladies Night

Only located in and around Durango, CO...for now

Ladies! Do want to talk about intimacy and sex, but not be pressured into buying sex toys? Get at least 5 of your friends together to host a Ladies Night that not only will make you giggle, but will give you valuable tools and knowledge to take home!

  • Take and Bake Clitoris
  • Sex in a Nutshell
  • Ask the Sexpert
  • Sex Toy DIY
  • How to find pleasure in everything!

$35 per person/6 people minimum, 12 people maximum. 2 hours of entertainment, education, and enlightenment.

Intimacy Starts with "I"!